We’re getting closer to moving to our nomadic winter camp at the Rotunda.

Getting ready to continue our Duels at Dusk indoors:

The floors have been cleaned, a thick, knee-saving felt-pad has been laid. The venue will be able to accommodate two metal strips. However, we decided to leave it at a single strip for the time being to allow for COVID19-compliant social distancing.

In addition to marking floor spots every 6 feet and wiping down any exposed surfaces before and after each night’s fencing, we will keep a stash of Leon Paul clip-in face masks, available at cost. We’ll have enough disinfectant wipes, and enough sanitizer to pacify the most crotchety Karen.

The only thing missing is electricity—and we hope to have that up and running by the last week of October. We’ll keep everyone informed—but on Oct. 27 and Oct. 30, we’ll still have our last outdoors hurrah at Towson High!