Adult Epee:


(For our purposes, Adult Epee includes fencers 14/15 years of age and up.)

For private lessons and the Monday Novice class, please check in w/ Coach Chris at 410-790-8033.

Monday: 5-7PM Private Lessons (Coach Larbi)

Monday: 7-8PM Novice (Coach Chris) (call ahead!)

Tuesday: 6-7PM Skill Improvement Class (Coach Chris)

Tuesday: 7PM-open ended OPEN BOUTING*

Friday: 7PM – open ended OPEN BOUTING (Coach Chris)*

*= We currently have an attendance of 6-10 fencers at any given open bouting evening, so fencing typically ends around 9PM.

Youth Foil:

Homewood Fencing Club have been conducting youth foil beginners and competition classes at the Rotunda.

Call Coach Austin Young for more information at 410-340-6269.

Youth foil classes are being offered on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturday mornings. Call or text Coauch Austin to determine what class is best for your child.

There is also an outdoors youth fencing camp in the works.


Athletic gear is required. Fencers MUST wear the mandated protective equipment when fencing: Plastron, athletic cup (for boys), chest protector, plastron, fencing jacket, fencing knickers, long fencing socks, and gloves. There should be no bare skin exposed when fencing.

Please bring your own water bottle.