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Location change for Tuesday practice!


For the month of May, Tuesday practice will be held in the Four Court Gym, which is the lower gym in the back of Knott Hall. Same time, different place, less wear and tear on your knees!

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April/May fees are now due!

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3/29/19: Fencing @ Knott Hall again

All classes and open bouting will take place at the Knott Hal Performance Gym today.

Sorry for the late notification!

Friday foil class w/ Coach Chris


With Coach Larby holding hands and wiping noses strip-coaching Baltimore MidAtlantic fencers at this year’s Capitol Clash on Friday and Saturday, Coach Chris will be filling in for him at this Friday’s 6:30PM foil class!

All his “favorite students” from his former Saturday morning conditioning class at BFC are surely excited to hear that—and are getting ready for Grandmaster Lee’s  “Twenty-Five Knuckle Poosh-up”!

January 15, 2019: Classes @ Knott Hall

Wheeler Hall is unavailable tonight, so Baltimore MidAtlantic fencing classes will take place in the gym at Knott Hall. Use the main entrance to Loyola-Blakefield and park behind the main building!

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