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Remember: Tuesday practice will be in the big gym throughout May!

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May 3, 2019: Rusty Blades First Friday Epee is back on!


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Working out with honorary coach Sebastian


Whenever Sebastian is in town, we will shanghai him into providing additional conditioning classes for our students.



Conditioning with Sebastian Amberger!


We will have a guest instructor for our 7:30PM conditioning period today:

Sebastian Amberger (Coach Chris’ son) is a former collegiate varsity rower and was last year’s captain of the University of Wisconsin’s rowing team. He’s in town for a few days in between rowing competitions and will put our fencers through the wringer for a half hour tonight.

Be there or be square!

Yes, Spring Break or not: Fencing classes are on as usual


Is the kid eating you out of house and home?

Has his phone begun to actually grow into his hand?

Can’t wait until Spring Break is over?

At Baltimore MidAtlantic Fencing Academy, we say “Who is zis Spring Break you are talking about?”

Classes and lessons are on as scheduled! See you on Tuesday and Friday!

As of 4/2/19: SafeSports “Contact Violations” Rules Require New Gear

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April/May fees are now due!

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4/5/19: Rusty Blades FirstFriday Open Bouting!

Where old epee guards go after they die…

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3/29/19: Fencing @ Knott Hall again

All classes and open bouting will take place at the Knott Hal Performance Gym today.

Sorry for the late notification!

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