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It’s Friday — the perfect time for Open Bouting!

Look at those happy BMFA Adult Epee Fencers!

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Member Update: BMFA’s policies have been posted

You can’t have a lawyer as a coach and not end up with an exhaustive (and exhausting) list of policies that apply to the daily conduct of fencing and club business.

We’ve posted them here and in our About page.

Download the .pdf right here:

Baltimore MidAtlantic Fencing Academy policies

September 17, 2019: We’re back at Wheeler Hall!

Brace your knees but look forward to the A/C!

First in Show: BMFA offers wireless scoring


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Back in Knott Hall on Tuesday!

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5/24/19: Location, location, location!

All classes are again taking place in the Four-Courts (lower-level) gym at Knott Hall (main building).

Remember: Tuesday practice will be in the big gym throughout May!

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Location change for Tuesday practice!


For the month of May, Tuesday practice will be held in the Four Court Gym, which is the lower gym in the back of Knott Hall. Same time, different place, less wear and tear on your knees!

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