No news, in some cases, may be good news. In our case, it’s merely no news: We have not received any information from our hosts at Loyola-Blakefield if or when the school’s facilities may be available for restarting classes and private lessons…

Our adult epee fencers continue to bout twice a week, every Tuesday and Friday at 6PM, at our winter quarters at the Rotunda. We are getting close to our maximum number of attendants for these indoor events, both in view of social distancing and availability of our fancy new Leon Paul Gryptonite strip. (So please text or email or FaceBook DM Coach Chris before you bring your club’s epee fencers over for a friendly raid!)

We’ve already fenced over 200 bouts at that location since December!

Epee bouting is free and available to fencers independent of club affiliation. However, fencers need to bring their own gear — no club jackets, masks, gloves are available.

There have been queries from prospective fencers as to classes and/or private lessons. At this point, we are considering making time for small classes each Tuesday and Friday at 5:00PM. Availability and fees for these classes will be as per private arrangement between the coach and the student or student’s parents. We will post a fee schedule for classes and lessons as soon as we have clarity. In the past, we have made club gloves, masks, and jackets available to new fencers. These days, we’re not going to lug your biohazards back and for between our home washing machines and the club: At a minimum, private ownership of a mask and a glove is required even for beginners. Luckily, has reasonably priced kits that they ship lightning fast!

We also welcomed our friends from Homewood/JHU Fencing Club to make use of the venue during the week. They continue classes and lessons in a scaled-down, COVID-compatible operation on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, and Saturday mornings, 10:30AM-4PM.

That means that all you under-exercised foil fencers also have a central place to cross blades. If you’re interested in getting more information on their program, contact Coach Chris at and he can get you in touch with the right person!

Sabers: “No Soup for You!

That leaves saber fencers. We have none at this point, so “no soup for you”. But Salle Pallasz remains the premier place for saber (and all other weapons) in the region.

Repairs: Coach Larbi continues to fix weapons for us. If you need repairs done to your blades, drop them off at the Rotunda venue during epee hours (Tue/Fri 6PM), and we’ll arrange for having them picked up. #epeefencing #epeebaltimore #fencingbaltimore