Every Tuesday and Friday, at 6:00 PM sharp—that’s 1800 hours for you military types—BMFA’s adult epee team meets at the upper athletic field of Towson High School to keep in shape and maintain a steady supply of dime-sized bruises on our arms and chest.

What about rain? We just move the strip to under the roof of the THS Auditorium! Not only offers this a space to fence unaffected by even torrential rain—we’re surrounded by early 2000’s-style mission statements to nurture the spirit as you try to plant your tip squarely on your opponent’s collar bone.

So why aren’t there any foil and saber fencers, you might ask. Beats us! Our Wireless Scoring works on all three weapons.

This is not a club activity—just an opportunity for everyone to come out and fence. There’s not even a floor fee… because obviously, whatever “floor is there, it’s public property.