—Baltimore, April 1, 2019


The new SafeSport rules now define Contact Violations as

*Intentionally hitting someone with objects, such as sporting equipment.*

Baltimore MidAtlandic Fencing Academy coaches Larbi and Chris are SafeSport certified. And we take this stuff seriously:

Starting tomorrow, April 2, 2019, BMFA will no longer permit actual hits with foils, epees and sabers (“sports equipment”). When bouting, students are to express their genuine intent to make contact by calling out hand position and intended target area for a hit to qualify. (E.g., “Taking in four, glide thrust to right shoulder!”; “Parry two, counter with opposition to inside hip!”). Extra points are being awarded for clarity of pronunciation, melody, inflection and cadence of shout-out, 

In addition to regulation gear, students are instructed to wear mouth guards, safety goggles, shin guards, and bicycle helmets.

BFC alumni will remember that SafeSport regulations are strictly enforced by a squad of roving “Chicken Inspectors”. Be sure to be wearing your full SafeSport gear when seeing elderly gentlemen with neatly trimmed mustaches enter the venue and unobtrusively watch from the sidelines. And please stop calling them “creepers”… they’re doing the Lord’s work.