At Baltimore Midatlantic Fencing Academy, we knew that she was up to no good. Specifically, she has been preparing for the USA Pentathlon 2019 Qualifier 2, which will be held the weekend of January 19 and 20 in Colorado Springs, CO.

But epee fencer Hannah O’Brien never mentioned that she had made the local press in Hereford last year.

We’re selflessly providing much-needed notoriety for her in this space. Meanwhile, Coach Chris has been scheming to arrange a pre-Qualifier gauntlet for Hannah on January 11, the Friday before she leaves.

We’re calling on every epee fencer (or foilist willing to give it a shot) to meet at Wheeler Hall on that evening, to provide as many one-minute, single-point bouts (that’s how they do it in pentathlon) as possible for her!