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Epee Program

Friday, 2/22/19: Back at Wheeler Hall

Everything’s back to normal for Baltimore MidAtlantic’s Friday classes!

Tuesday, 2/19: Fencing @ Knott’s Hall


On Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2019, fencing classes and lessons will take place at Loyola-Blakefield’s gymnasium. Knott’s Hall is located right behind the main building. Take the main entrance.

(Limited parking is available right at the venue, but there is a lot right behind the athletic field. The 2-minute walk will do you good.)

As always, there may be changes, so call Coach Chris if you don’t find us. 410-790-8033.

“No more selling water”: Congress Agrees To $1.3 Billion For Protective Border Fencers


Seen in the Onion, hey, we wouldn’t just make up stuff.

Or would we…

February 12, 2019 classes…

We’re ON!

But the jury is still out on our evening fencing program.

Please refer to their website for updates regarding afternoon/evening activities.

We will not be able to update Baltimore MidAtlantic’s website until after 5PM. If you have questions, call or text Coach Chris at 410-790-8033.

We’re back on for 2/8/19!

HurrayOff again, on again:

Looks like the Loyola’s Dons will not be dancing on Friday, 2/8/2019. So we got Wheeler Hall back for all scheduled lessons and classes.

And of course, OPEN BOUTING, starting at 8:00PM!

(Bring a friend!)

Please register for the February/March classes!

Time to pay the piper register for the February/March 2019 Classes!

Could it be simpler? Yes, it could!

Go to:

Scroll past the Brass Instruments to:


Remember, to fence at Baltimore MidAtlantic Fencing Academy, you have to be covered by our host’s insurance. And you only are covered by that insurance if you are a registered member!

2/1/19: Still open despite the snow


As of 5:00PM on Friday, February 1, 2019, there has been no news regarding potential closings of our venue.

In other words, yes, there will be Snow Fencing at Wheeler Hall tonight!

Call Coach Chris at 410-790-8033 after 6PM if there are any questions. He’ll be at the location by then!

P.S.: Despite Capitol Clash, despite snow… fencing went on until 9:30PM at Baltimore MidAtantic!

Venue closed on 1/29/19 due to snow!


Our gracious host, Loyola Blakefield, is following the hallowed Baltimore tradition of battening down the hatches in anticipation of snow flurries. They issued this alert for Tuesday, January 29, 2019:

WINTER WEATHER UPDATE: Due to inclement weather, Loyola Blakefield will close at noon today (Tuesday, January 29th).

No after care service is available and all afternoon/evening activities are canceled.

That, unfortunately, means that there will be no fencing tonight, either!

rude combat

—From a 1905 account of an epee duel.

At Baltimore MidAtlantic Fencing Academy, we are rarely rude — but since the actual meaning is “hard-fought”, yes, we have that, too!

Epee class at 7:30 on Tuesday, open bouting starts around 8:15!

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